Fullerton College Communications Department

A. A. Degree in


Curriculum leads to a General Associate in Arts Degree.  This degree requires 18 units chosen from the list below.  This A.A. Degree provides a sound base for students interested in all areas of Communications.  This degree is especially beneficial to students interested in Broadcast Journalism.

Required Courses (18 units)

JOUR 101 F Reporting and Writing (3)

JOUR 102 F Adavanced Reporting and Writing (3)

JOUR 110 F Mass Media Survey (3)

PHOT 101 F Introduction to Photography (3)

CRTV 118 F Introduction to Radio, Television & Film (3)

CRTV 122 F Audio Production Techniques (3)

CRTV 129 F Broadcast News (3)  

CRTV 135 F Broadcast TV and Radio Announcing (3)

CRTV 145 F Radio/Television Sports Broadcasting (3)

CRTV 150 F Television Studio Production (3)

CRTV 157 F Digital Production and Non-Linear Editing for Video/Film (3)


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