Fullerton College Communications Department

Journalism Certificate

The Journalism Certificate Program will provide students with sufficient background for reporting, writing and production jobs on community newspapers and weekly publications.  The certificate requires the completion of 30 units, of which 24 units are in required courses.  An additional 6 units must be completed from the restricted electives listed below.  A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken.

Required Courses (24 units)

JOUR 101 F Reporting and Writing (3)

JOUR 102 F Advanced Reporting and Writing (3)

JOUR 110 F Mass Media Survey (3)

CRTV 129 F Broadcast News

ACG 100 F Introduction to Computer Graphics (3)

JOUR 135 F Magazine Production (3)

JOUR 140 F Public Relations and Publicity (3)

JOUR 225 F Newspaper Production (3)

Restricted Courses (6 units)

ART 145 F Publication Design (3)  

JOUR 135 F Magazine Production (3)

JOUR 199 F Independent Study (1-3)  

JOUR 225 F Newspaper Production (3)

PHOT 101 F Introduction to Photography (3)


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