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Radio Broadcasting Program

The Fullerton College Radio Broadcast Program is not a high priced trade school program, or a program that relies only on textbooks to teach you radio. Here you learn the "real" thing. You can get started NOW!

  • Learn genuine "Hands On" radio, "live" on-the-air on a real radio station for the price of a Community College tuition.

  • Learn how to be a professional "Air Personality", "Sports Announcer", how to write and produce multi-track radio commercials, and how to get and keep the job.

  • Taught by experienced radio professionals who care about "you" and offer individualized instruction.

  • Our Program "fits" into your schedule and professional career goals by offering Day and Evening classes.

  • Internships at area radio stations.



  • Radio Air Personality

  • Sports Play-By-Play Announcer

  • Radio Newscaster

  • Radio Commercial Producer

  • Commercial Copywriter

  • Radio Advertising Sales Executive

  • Traffic Reporter

    Employment is available at radio stations in the areas of on-air announcing, news, commercial production, sales/marketing, traffic reporting, and promotions.