Fullerton College Communications Department

Radio Broadcasting Certificate

The Radio Broadcasting Certificate Program requires the completion of 25 units of which 19 are in required courses.  An additional 6 units must be chosen from restricted electives.  
A minimum grade of C is required in each course taken.  Upon completion of this certificate program the student will be well prepared for an entry-level position with a radio station.


CRTV 118 F Introduction to Radio, Television and Film (3)

CRTV 122 F Audio Production Techniques (3)

CRTV 124 F Broadcast Advertising Sales (1)

CRTV 129 F Broadcast News (3)

CRTV 130 F Broadcast Audio Production (3)

CRTV 135 F Broadcast TV and Radio Announcing (3)

CRTV 235 F On-Air Radio Broadcasting (3)



CRTV 128 F Writing for Radio-Television-Film (3)

CRTV 235 F On-Air Radio Broadcasting (3)

CRTV 290 F Internship in Communications (2 - 4)

CIS 100 F Introduction to Personal Computers (3)

SPCH 105 F Interpersonal Communication (3)

THEA 127 F Oral Interpretation (3)

THEA 129 F Beginning Voice for Actors (3)

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